The Blockchain Minor

FinTech innovations create a paradigm shift, and blockchain technology currently forms the basis of this shift. We offer you the opportunity to become part of this and ready you for a digital future. Want to learn all about Blockchain Technology ánd earn valuable tokens while learning? Just visit and start (l)earning!

You don’t necessarily need to be an official student. You can just click & join, thanks to the open approach of the Koios platform. You won’t be the first: over a 1,000 students went before you and we even won the Dutch Blockchain Award for Meaningful Education for that accomplishment :-)

The course & flexible (mini)routes
You can freely join in on the students’ programs, of which currently two are running. The first one is a 10-week course, called ‘Introduction to Blockchain (15 ECT)’. The second one is a 20-week course called ‘Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Business, Law & IT (30 ECT)’. Hosted via a combination of The Hague University and the Koios Platform, we offer all different kinds of flexible routes within those programs. You can learn all about the essential elements and later on specialize in multiple directions. You can even select course materials from various protocol partners and engage with their projects!

With an average student rating of 9.9, these minors are designed together with experts from the field and various public and private partners. Experts from the professional field and researchers from different universities provide your classes. Classes are currently held on Thursdays and Fridays but are not mandatory. Check out for the most current schedule.

The Ecosystem approach
We strongly believe that if you would like to learn how to ride a bicycle, you should hop on the bike and make some mileage. Ergo, apply your knowledge directly in real life! The courses, community, and platform are structured to immediately put your new knowledge into practice by solving a specific blockchain-related issue of an organization. Or earn some valuable tokens by completing micro-tasks offered via the Koios platform. You are learning and accumulating at the same time!

The Koios platform also offers you the opportunity to directly expand your network through the active Discord community and various platform tools. There are also loads of events with international guest speakers. Moreover, the previous excelling students quickly found graduation assignments or part-time jobs within the world of Blockchain. Perhaps interesting is that we offer additional flexible routes that you can follow for free. Think Trading Bootcamps, Coding Bootcamps, and Personal & Professional development tracks.

Of course, you are not alone in this expedition! This minor runs via the KOIOS infrastructure and its large ecosystem where field experts, researchers, organizations, fellow students, and you meet up in online and offline environments. The ecosystem is strongly connected via the Titan Token, an experiment with educational ecosystem currencies that allow peers to exchange all kinds of different values. It makes it possible for you to learn & earn in the same time!

KOIOS also enables you to pick flexible routes, assignments, levels and makes education way more personal and social for you! For more general information, visit For more information about the blockchain minor, visit or click on the landing page:

Are you a student and would like to earn credits with this course? That is possible! Jusy contact us via:

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