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Home of Koios — The Titan of Knowledge and Inquisitive mind restored in its glory

Why now?

New technologies enable us to connect and learn in ways that were never possible before. Within a few mouse clicks, you can learn from fellow peers, and innovations can now reach regional ecosystems in an instant. Thanks to new technologies, like public blockchain technology, borderless micro-transactions of value are now possible via the internet. They enable all kinds of peer-to-peer value exchanges across the planet, increasing our current systems’ ‘cost efficiency’ via globally distributed ledgers. Ledgers are an essential backbone of our society. Any upgrade in ledger technology has vast implications. Bringing benefits and new challenges for the already existing…

International blockchain projects pouring knowledge in an open-source curriculum. Join freely, check out schedule below

Download including Zoom link


Download HERE the most recent schedule with guest lecturers including Zoom link here via IPFS.


What do you get when you mix blockchain protocols, Academics, and a platform with free courses that enables you to earn tokens?

That’s right: a tremendously fantastic week with top-notch guest lecturers. All of them incorporated in an open-source academic blockchain course, freely accessible for all. In the end: A protocol a day keeps the tribalism away!

During this week, multiple teams will present the 101 on their protocols and visions about the future. They also co-joined forces with our ecosystem of lecturers, researchers, field…

And how they fit in the Koios Blockchain Ecosystem

The Koios ecosystem consists of many parties and individuals with whom we partake in all kinds of activities. One of those partners is the ecosystem behind Mina Protocol, ‘The world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants’.

Mina is a lightweight blockchain, so participants can quickly sync and verify the network. They work with SNARK-Technology and have ‘Snapps’, cool stuff! Can’t wait and wanna take a Quick Peek? Check out their 2-minute intro video, visit their website or their communities.

Mina Intro Video (short)

Therefore, we are proud to have connected with this promising ecosystem and are looking forward to expanding on…

FinTech innovations create a paradigm shift, and blockchain technology currently forms the basis of this shift. We offer you the opportunity to become part of this and ready you for a digital future. Want to learn all about Blockchain Technology ánd earn valuable tokens while learning? Just visit and start (l)earning!

You don’t necessarily need to be an official student. You can just click & join, thanks to the open approach of the Koios platform. …

Home of the Koios Titan

See the first part of the article here.

We have a challenge. We need to figure out a way to create an open educational system that can keep up with these fast-moving developments and that incentives people to learn and earn. The possible solution: why not use these new technologies and incorporate them in existing foundations to benefit from both worlds: the strong (local) reputational foundations from regional universities, mixed with digital technologies’ open characteristics. A system that incentivizes people to learn, earn and share information, and build upon each other’s shoulders? …

Jordi Jansen

Creating community-based open learning environments. On a collective quest towards education as a Common. Step by step & bit by bit at 🌍🎓

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